FoBB Anniversary Challenge Tournament

The Bere trophy


The FoBB Anniversary Challenge Tournament is shot on the late May Bank Holiday Monday each year between teams invited from local clubs. The shoot was inaugurated in May 1994 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding in 1974 of Forest of Bere Bowmen.

The FoBB Anniversary Challenge Trophy is a silver bear overlooking a pool and mounted on a wooden base. It was presented to teh club by Pat and Brian Williams, two of FoBB's founder members to mark the club's 20th anniversary


1.       The round is a Western round of four dozen arrows at each distance of sixty and fifty yards on a 122cm target face

2.       Teams are entered by invitation from various clubs in the area

3.       Each club enters a squad of six archers and selects four of their scores to be put forwards to the  scoring

        a.       Teams must contain a mix of genders

4.       All bow styles are permitted and archers are handicapped by bow style and archers' gender as per the table below

5.       The team of four archers with the highest total handicap adjusted score will be adjudged the winners

        a.       In the event of a tie, the team with the highest total tally of golds will prevail

         b.      In the event of a further tie, the team with the highest total number of hits will prevail

6.       Medals will be awarded to all six archers in the squad of each of the top three clubs; Gold, Silver and Bronze

Scoring Handicaps













Barebow / Traditional




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